Star Limousine Washington DC

Some of our latest designs. More to follow shortly.

Star Limousine, Inc

Project Details

StarSedan’s project is no doubt a complicated one, due to the ever-changing luxury limo transportation industry. Keeping all vehicles types, trip types and luxury features that comes with them updated, accurate and useful was defining a threat to StarSedan. Striving to be the best in the industry, they needed a functional website to help them compliment their clients’ most memorable experience in the field of luxury transportation and limousine service. They turned to us for a website that enables them to extend their coverage, and to handle a volume of requests easily, without any hassle.

Project Study

During our study, we discovered the limo transportation service industry has shifted up a gear over the past years, as the economy continues to improve, giving rise in consumer confidence, leading many consumers spending on luxury car services rather than less-expensive alternatives such as taxis. This is indeed was a great information we used to create design sketches for StarSedan. Thinking of how to handle volume requests without compromising the quality of their services, our team of experts went a step further to have the clear direction for the UI/UX component for the website design.


The StarSedan project started with a consultation with our client, then a dense and involved research process, where identified several factors interacting to bring about changes in the volume of limo services requests. The evaluation of our research observations led to us to the appropriate modern-day website design tool for StarSedan. From designing (using Laravel, NuxtJS, CSS, VueJS & Html) to content uploading, our team was dedicated to ensuring success with an effective collaborative working session and a combination of the bests among the latest website design technologies.

Features (The Problem)

With our user experience strategy, it was important we didn’t focus on images of just people riding in limos, but diverse group of people enjoying life in style and comfort. We developed the best online reservation solution. Focusing on the UI, we provided StarSedan a website that can accommodate a huge traffic at a time, without breaking the continuous operation cycle. We were very careful when designing the internal services pages, we organized content and laid out the necessary elements for an effective homepage, and we are glad to see the daily visitors’ traffic increasing drastically.

Goal and Objectives

With a new philosophy of website design, specially put in place for StarSedan, and a new UI/UX strategy, we were able to create incredible designs that truly accomplished the client’s goal. StarSedan finally has a website that is modern for their forward moving brand, and a website that is reflective of their strength and capability to do more than any other competitor in the industry.