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In today's world of SaaS applications, there are many online tools promise effective sales and marketing. Yet, none of them solve the ultimate issue. Solving sales and marketing issues is actually something that we help companies like yours with all the time. In fact it's what we do for companies.

Pipedrive Consultants

Managing qualified leads through pipedrive automation

We are in a business of growing your business with today's technology. We work with clients that are looking to automate their business process. Pipedrive CRM (TradeMarked) is a hassle free tool exactly for this purpose. We can vouch for it.

Pipedrive Consulting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Organizing your workflow & business processes

Web Guru DC believes there is an overwhelming amount of online software to help you with sales automation, however companies are not using the appropriate software for their needs or they are not utilizing the software appropriately to maximize their productivity. That's where we can help with pipedrive consulting

We help our clients automate their sales and marketing workflows, so they can focus on what they do best while keeping more of their hard earned money in their prockets.

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Pipedrive Consulting

Workflow Autoamtion

Connect and share data cross-platoform

We have talent pipedrive consultants that will help your company connect and share data with over 100's of applications. We can automate almost any type of business process with our pipedrive consulting. We understand process mapping, and easy-to-use management tools to help engage with business processes.

Pipedrive helps businesses manage leads and deals, track communications, automate and grow. Pipedrive is being used by over 90,000 companies in more than 150+ companies according to their website. We here at Web Guru DC can help you integrate your Pipedrive CRM to any other applications.

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Pipedrive Consulting

Automate Your Daily Tasks using Pipedrive

Drive your daily tasks into automation with Pipedrive

With Pipedrive, you can almost automate any part of the sales life cycle. Regardless of your funnels, Pipedrive becomes a good database for your daily tasks. For instance, you are looking to build automation for sending emails or texting your potential clients. Pipedrive has some marketplace automation that can help you solve that specific issue. If you are selling real-estate, and or helping to automate overhead tasks. Pipedrive can solve that issue vai built in tools or using zapier. Our pipedrive consultants can help you anytime, feel free to schedule a call.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What framework do you guys work under?
You might be surprised, but we're not your normal Wordpress Dev Shop. We work with many frameworks from frontend to backend. Our favorites are Larave & Ruby on Rails. Rest of them are listed below.
Do you offer free consultation?
Absolutley. We provide free consultation upto 1 hour to listen to your day-to-day issues, and you can schedule them at any time via our calendar.
What's the best way to pay for your services?
We accept all types of credit cards. We do offer Lump Sum, Unit Price, Cost Plus, Incentive, and many other types of contracts.
It's my first time working with a website company. Is there a walk through process?
Yes, Absolutely! We on-board all of our clients thorugh process in place that will help you get more insight into our development process and lets you make more informed decision along the way
Do you outsource your projects or send work overseas?
No. All of our work is performed by our in-house team based in Northern Virginia, USA.
Do you offer support after the project is completed?
Absolutley, we offer Guru360 as a support contract, that you can pay monthly or yearly.

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Web Guru DC is a pipedrive partner and workflow automation agency, combining research-driven strategy and innovative design to architect change and build the best experiences for you. We develop using innovative solutions; we listen to your goals before we design. There are no lucky guesses in our process of website design and development. It's a research-driven strategy.

Project Management Web Designers



Project Challenge

Developed Learning Management System as Saas subscription based application with api integration. Added course and lessons, forums using laravel framework.

Limo Service Web Designers

Star Sedan


Project Challenge

Focusing on the UI, we provided StarSedan a website that can accommodate a huge traffic at a time, without breaking the continuous operation cycle.

Web Designers in Washington DC

Search Limo


Project Challenge

Search Limousine was a project built on google maps places api. Google Maps api was used to created, update and display nearby limousine companies,.

Limousine Service Web Designers

Bus DC


Project Challenge

Bus DC came to us for a website that strive to help uphold the highest quality standards, create an outstanding local and global presence.

Landscaping Web Designers

Domingo Trees


Project Challenge

Domingo Landscaping needed a website that thinks about what is important to their clients, to help them generate more leads, and to increase sales and prosperity.

Web Designers for Limousine service

DC Limos


Project Challenge

DC Limos needed a website that thinks about what is important to their clients, to help them generate more leads, and to increase sales and prosperity.

Air Purifier Web Designers

Air Steril USA


Project Challenge

AirSteril was looking to get brand awareness and search engine optimization for their current line of products. Developed strategic plan to cater current line of products.

Air Purifier Web Designers

Renae USA


Project Challenge

RenaeUSA was looking to get new website design and search engine optimization for their current website. Developed strategic design using NuxtJS & PHP Laravel