Top 5 features of Laravel

PHP is no doubt one of the widely used programming languages for web app development. It is the programming...

Top 5 features of Laravel

PHP is no doubt one of the widely used programming languages for web app development. It is the programming language that suits the requirements of small as well as big businesses. Laravel is an important framework for PHP that offers a standardized and featured-pack platform for building high-performing web apps. We’ll discuss the top 5 features of Laravel that have made it gain immense popularity among professional web app developers.

  1. Template Engine

Laravel is reputed for Blade, its in-built templates engine. The templates are innovatively designed and distinctively sectioned and can be used to create beautiful layouts using dynamic content seeding. Laravel has multiple widgets that incorporate JS and CSS code with a solid structure.

The blade is unlike other popular PHP templates engine as it does not restrict developers from using plain PHP code. All view in Laravel is usually built in the Blade. It is fast in rendering views, and all files have the blade.php extension.


  1. Artisan

Laravel in-built command line, Artisan, allows developers to automate tedious and repetitive programming tasks that many PHP frameworks require developers to perform manually. Laravel Artisan allows developers to create their own commands and do a useful things with them.

Laravel Artisan makes it easy to manage a database system which in turn makes migration easy. It also could be used to generate database structure and skeleton code. Laravel makes it effortless to manage assets as well as their configurations.


  1. Security

Security is important when building web apps. Laravel gives developers security for common vulnerabilities. This is one of Laravel advanced features. It ensures optimal safety while developers are using it, this is possible with the introduction of the salted and hashed passwords. 

This means a password is ever saved as plain text in the database. Instead, it uses Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to generate an encrypted password. Laravel uses predefined SQL statements to prevent SQL injection attacks.


  1. Eloquent ORM

One of the most important features of the Laravel framework is that it comes with an in-built ORM. Laravel provides a beautiful, simple ActiveRecord implementation for working with your database. This lets developers interact easily with their database with a sophisticated active record pattern in a way that each database table has a corresponding Model which is used to interact with that table.

An Object Relational Mapping is relatively faster than all other PHP frameworks. It lets developers issue database queries with PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. 


  1. Libraries and Modular

Laravel is unique and very different from other PHP frameworks. It comes with pre-installed Object-Oriented libraries. These libraries provide multiple latest features like Bcrypt hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery protection, encryption and more. Laravel is divided into individual modules adopting modern PHP principles facilitating responsive and modular web apps development.