Top 5 CRM for small business in 2021

There are many types of customer relationship management platforms. We will start with the top 5 CRM for Small Businesses in 2021.

Top 5 CRM for small business in 2021

There are many types of customer relationship management platforms. We will start with the top 5 CRM for Small Businesses in 2021.


Pipedrive, the commercial first


Pipedrive is a CRM solution with a strong sales and business process orientation. The tool also facilitates account management and prides itself on having been created by salespeople for salespeople. Your calls and emails are tracked, organized, and coordinated at work from your different work devices.


Another key benefit, Pipedrive allows you to visualize the entire sales process from initiation to completion. It is advantageous in SMEs; it allows you to regroup your sales force around a defined process understood by all forevermore efficiency.


Offering less marketing functionality than its competitors, Pipedrive remains focused on what it does best, which is optimizing business processes. Easy to learn, the price is also interesting, while the software offers different integrations and customizations.


If you want to acquire a CRM that centralizes the sales and separates it from your company's other activities, Pipedrive is an accessible choice both from a price point of view and on its handling. It is one of the best CRMs for SMEs who want to focus on a solution specific to the commercial. We offer Pipedrive Consulting.


Hubspot CRM


Hubspot has established itself as a leader in digital marketing and technological GRC solutions. The reputation of their innovative platform is well established. Indeed, their solution allows you to manage marketing and sales from the same interface to optimize your sales management for maximum results.


Available and functional in its free version, Hubspot offers several paid versions with more advanced features to support you in your growth. It stands out as one of the best CRMs for SMEs and start-ups who need an interface with a good user experience because it is reliable and easy to use.


Their free version comes with access to introductory email marketing features, in particular, customer relationship management. Strongly focused on educating these customers, Hubspot offers you to start in freemium and add options as you develop.


Usable in a free version for 2 users and easy to learn, Hubspot CRM allows you to start an efficient use of customer relationship management quickly. If your business grows, the features offered through Hubspot offer an interesting ROI.




Keap is a contact and sales management platform targeted at small businesses, self-employed, and even home-based businesses and e-commerce operations.


It all starts with populating a large database of leads and keeping it in order. Collecting contact information is done by importing contact lists from other CRMs, scanning business cards, converting messy spreadsheets, simple manual entry, or customizing a custom form on your page. You can also add your own custom fields to the contact information.


After that, everything stops... and starts again so that you can “stay in touch” with your clients. This is Keap's main goal - to turn leads into satisfied customers who will come back and spread their love for you through referrals.




Nimble is a simple social media CRM system with smart search and powerful market segmentation tools. It integrates with Office 365 and G Suite, so you can quickly import and organize contacts from the platform you're already using.


This easy-to-use CRM has all the classic features you'd expect from this type of software, plus it has a modern user interface.


Nimble collects messages in one place to make it easier for you to work on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter so you can instantly see in real-time how people interact with your brand. Integral to this is Nimble's Contact Recorder feature, which allows you to combine contact and leads data across multiple channels into a single unified profile.


Social listening and engagement tools can help you find and attract new customers. Data organization, sales funnel, and reporting features help support your operations.


Streak CRM


Streak is a CRM that has the particularity of integrating with your Gmail box to help you organize yourself. It allows you to follow different processes: sales, recruitment, partnerships, project management... in addition to helping you create different types of customer profiles.


With the organization of streak, you set up pipelines, states, and blocks. You can update the information to keep it and find it in the right place at the right time.


The installation is effortless. Download the chrome extension for free and access your mailbox. The combination of Gmail and streak turn your mailbox into a trade war machine. Even if the interface does not seem very "user friendly" at first, its flexibility allows managing many things in one place, making the solution very practical.