5 Instagram marketing tips to boost your business

It's time for you to know some of the main tips to create an efficient strategy and boost your profile.

1) Use the Potential of Instagram for Companies

Several surveys show that companies perform very well on Instagram, with around 80% of users following at least one business account. 

In other words, a good Instagram profile with the greatest credibility for your brand. This consequently also increases your sales and improves audience engagement with your Instagram profile. 

It is also of utmost importance to separate the person from the professional. Your audience wants to be part of their routine, but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to know everything that happens in the company.

2) Create a Visual Identity for your Profile

Creating a visual identity makes your profile more attractive, increasing your gain of followers. Choose a color palette to work on your visual identity and use high-quality photos. 

Our brain identifies with a lot of information, very different photos within the feed, images with texts that cover the entire image or excessive filters may end up driving your follower away, even if unconsciously.

If you post product photos, use backgrounds that don't make your product disappear. It is necessary that what you sell is the real protagonist of your posts. 

As it is an almost 100% visual social network, it is essential that the visual content is more organized and easily absorbed.

3) Explore the Potential of Stories

The Stories tool was launched in 2016, on Instagram. And since then, this function has become popular with users of the social network.

It is important to use this space to show more of your company's day today. Promote your promotions, conduct polls, and create a closer relationship with your followers. 

The contents posted in Stories disappear after 24 hours, after being posted. Stories last 5 seconds for photos and 15 seconds for videos. 

Use this space to attract your customer's attention, with impactful content, and remember to leave the answer option active because the more responses your stories receive, the more engagement your profile gains.

4) Find an Ideal Post Frequency

The ideal frequency varies from profile to profile, but a good tip is to avoid posting excess posts throughout the day. 

To find out what is the best time that your target audience is accessing Instagram, you can use Instagram Insights.

Among the possibilities offered by Insights, there is the visualization of the time that your followers use the social network. Based on this data, you discover the best time to post your profile updates.

5) Use Instagram Shopping

The Shopping Instagram tool was launched to optimize the shopping experience within the social network. In addition, this functionality is a real hand on the wheel by E-commerce professionals. 

In addition to allowing the purchase button to be included in commercial profiles, it is also possible to price your products. This avoids repeated messages about the value of your products, optimizing the customer experience within your page.