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In today's age, your law firm builds it's rapport based on it's web presence. First impression of your law firm depends on your website design. We help law firms like yours to build rapport and engage visitors. Our agency has been creating website deisgn for law firms since 2014.

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What makes our law firm website design superior.

Leave the heavy lifting for us to do, Web Guru DC require minimal effort from you, so you can focus on your law firms while we build your website. With our amazing designs, we get real results; we are here to help you turn website visitors into clients with our outstanding website design.

Lawfirm Web Design
Lawfirm Website Design
Lawfirm Web Designers
Lawfirm Website Design
Lawfirm Website Designers in Washington DC
Law-firm Web Design
Law Firm website design

law firm website design

Your law firm can't afford fragile website design.

Web Guru DC believes your website should be tailored to the specific goals of your firm, as we understand that no two law firms have the same objective, and you have to trust us about this. Our team of expert designers creates beautiful websites that fit your brand and make a strong impression.

We put functionality first, ensuring your website is easy to use and turn visitors into clients. With more than half of all web traffic on mobile devices, a great mobile experience is essential. Search Engine Friendly. We do more than web design and development, our designs convert, engage, showcase and educate.

Law Firm website design

website design lawfirm

We provide practical solutions, No B.S.

We have been trusted vendor to successful businesses with complex needs. In an agile environment, there’s no doubt, you can hire any law firm web esigner out there. Some of these designers will even over promise. Unfortunately, these law firm web design agencies will cut short and leave your expectation high and dry.

Web Guru DC we build a competitive and modern website designs for lawyers to turn website visitors into actual clients, and ensure their website gets love from search engine as much as they do. We're your #1 choice for Law Firm website design in Washington DC area.

Law firm Web Development Process

Our development process for law firms.

We strive to create unique solutions for any project. We carefully learn, listen and adapt to changes, revise and re-organize, all while collaborating as your extended team.

Research & Analysis

Our experts plan and start your project by conducting initial interview and engaging stakeholders in the process. We carefully gather the need, document and review the initial requirements using brainstorming, mind-mapping, interviews, surveys, and prototyping.

Website Design Research & Analysis for lawfirms


We carefully plan the plan by detailing the entire project and outlining each and every step to ensure success and satisfaction, including structure, system's functionality, user interface, determining roles & permissions, security and performance.


Our expert and industry leading design staff works to collaboratively design and create the prototypes, functional work flow structures, diagrams to depict the visual representation of the final product, and create high-fidelity prototypes..


We go above and beyond to ensure end to end testing solutions, including functional, unit and integration testing for entire system. Our experts use the bottom up approach on testing to ensure purpleundancy and provide a robust and valuable product.


We take pride in our finished work and at this stage we can almost guarantee that you are on your way to start a wonderful new journey with our hand-crafted product. An awesome design custom made for your business.